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Choose Life of Maine, Inc
Augusta, Maine 04330
David Alexander

  "May we not be afraid to be faithful to Jesus' teachings on the dignity of human life even if our faithfulness causes some to separate from us."


We regret to inform you but Choose Life Maine is no longer operating.  We were shut down by the State because we were unable to obtain the necessary 2,000 prepaid orders in the time they alloted us.  Thus we are returning the money to our subscribers.  Nearly all by now (June 2022) should have received their refunds.  We still have a small number to process and many refunds we sent out were returned to us by the USPS because people were no longer at the address we had on record.  If you have not received your refund you may be among the ones that have moved.  So please notify as soon as you can.  Send your inquiry to:

Choose Life Maine, 2 Ballard Street, Augusta, Maine 04330

Once we close the books, any returned refund checks we have, we will be submitting those funds and the names and addresses associated with those funds to the state.

We thank you for being pro-life and for the support you have given to Choose Life Maine.  God Bless.


Note:  We are an Internal Revenue Service 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  Please consider a donation to help us cover our expenses.  No one at Choose Life Maine receives any compensation.